ode to mom

i know you know how much i love my birth mother.
but what i know you don't know is my love for my mom.

meet mom:
best $9 i ever spent.
she came into my life september of my senior year.
i've spent the past years watching her, talking to her, laughing at her, and walking into the kitchen making jokes like "WOW, mom is getting huge!!" or "we have the cutest mom ever!" ... you get it.

i fed her. i bathed her. i even scrubbed her shell with a nice turtle lotion.
i introduced her to goldfish... and was there for her when she swallowed her first one whole.
i've watched her grow from a tiny little creep the size of a quarter, to a full grown woman turtle. she was the best pet i ever had.

scotty and i had planned on keeping her for the rest of our lives. he complained a little, but i know he loved her. look at the tenderness he shows her!

how could anyone not love her?
apparently some people don't love her.
last night my parents (i mostly blame the birth mother) disposed of her in a nearby pond.

i'm glad mitchell was there to conduct the farewell with love. anyone else in the family would have just plopped her in there and left. he gave her the send off she deserved.

it breaks my heart that i wasn't there.
i didn't even get to say goodbye.

my mom convinced me that "she looked so happy" and it was a better place for her.
however, i'm convinced the empty windowsill in the kitchen will forever make me miss her.

goodbye mom,
i love you.


  1. aw how come i didn't know you had a turtle? i want one now lol

  2. you make it sound like I hated her... who took care of her the last few years that your were away from college??? I fed her, cleaned her tank, talked to her, enjoyed her company while I did dishes day after day. Cleaned her tank and bought her food and filters... I loved her too. That is why I felt she would be happier in a bigger home. It wasn't just a pond, it is at the Dyes house... We can visit whenever we want.

  3. I'm feeling more responsibility than ever now... Ashley when you get a home of your own, you can come get her back;) just think of it like I'm babysitting her for you! We're taking really good care of mom

  4. your turtle is soooo cute. I love it. you should have brought mom to school!!! like your birth mom said, you can visit whenever you want :) ps you're gettin murrrried soon!!! yeee!!!