my weakness.

i just love shirts.

i unpacked all of my clothes and laid all my tops on my chair. then i tried to lift them over to my bed. it was quite the experience haha. i couldnt help but document the precious moment. my arms were shaking after... i need to go to the gym!

i can go a whole school year without repeating a top.
(here is 1/5th of what i need to fit in my closet)

and i color coordinate my closet.

i need to write about moving, utah, and boyfriend! but i have r.a. training early in the morning... so i'll save all those fun stories for another day :)


  1. time to have a garage sale. Love you!

  2. Can I just say that I l.o.v.e. the fact your shirts are arranged by color. doesn't it make getting dressed so much faster!