Last weekend we drove down to Brian Head to play with my family. On Friday, we ventured off to Bryce Canyon National Park! I have a new life goal to visit all five of Utah's national parks... I feel it's a necessity for my Utah-history-and-geography-teaching self! The views were stunning and the company was even better. I love my family! 
Don't laugh at our outfit choices... My dad informed me he would be taking lots of pictures to blow up and hang in his newly-designed living room. We looked so out of place next to all the serious hikers and campers. 
We love tanner 
... and canyon-gazing.
My cute parents. 
Tanner was loving all the photo ops. 
We had such a relaxing time. Some other highlights of our weekend include:
+ playing card games 
+ watching modern family 
+ making frothed milk & pumpkin drinks
+ eating caramels
+ 4-wheeling adventures 
+ watching movies 

... and one other event (I wouldn't really call it a "highlight," but it needs recording) was being Tanner's photographer while he climbed a ski-lift pole. A perfect balance of horrifying and hilarious. The things we do for the sake of Instagram!