the four things to get me through this week.

today is sunday, and i feel anticipation. as if it's hours before a big game (not that i know exactly how that feels because i have never been on a sports team in the entirety of my existence), or the feeling you get on the way to the mailbox. full of hope and expectations. i have a handful of random things i have to do this week, and an even bigger handful of planned things. classes, study groups, review rooms, enrichment, home teachers, give blood, write a paper or two, family home evening, try to squeeze some sort of physical activity in there, possibly eat food, and if i have extra time left over i hope to spend it in a deep sleep. i have come to grips with the fact that there are a few things in this world i cant live without that i might as well document for my posterity:

1. this book. this book contains every major/minor/insightful detail involved in my day. if something is not in the planner, there is a good chance i will completely forget about it (even something big that i should be able to remember on my own.. woops). whether it be quotes, phone numbers, birthdays, tests, meetings, to-do lists, shopping lists, assignments.. it's all in there. i love to-do lists, by the way. they motivate me and bring a sense of order.

2. the daily phone calls. unlike the thousands of other independent, care-free, fun-loving freshmen out there, i actually want to keep in close touch with my family. rain or shine, i call my mom every single day. even if the conversation lasts no more than 5 minutes, it still feels like a daily check-point. like an "okay, everything is going to be fine. keep going" moment. they mean a lot to me and well, lets just leave it at that.

3. byu creamery chocolate milk. i realize now that this is undoubtedly the place i belong as i have unlimited access to this delicacy.

4. running. if you asked me six months ago if i enjoyed running, i would have responded with one of three different comebacks. 1) laugh in your face. 2) compare running to lighting myself on fire or stabbing pins in my eyes. 3) plainly state "no. i hate it." BUT. seeing as i would like nothing more than to triumph over the "freshman 15" phenomenon, i have taken up this new hobby. if you can even call it a hobby. I know im not fast, and i certainly cant go farther than four miles, but i am kind of obsessed. its the one time a day i can listen to my music and fully forget about school work. my only concerns are which playlist i will to listen to and which route i will take. its nice. yesterday i ran in the rain, and despite the rash i got from my wet shorts rubbing together (sorry. graphic.) it was a way nice experience. everyone was out with their ponchos and umbrellas, while i'm sporting an 09 shirt and random shorts. i got a lot of crazy looks and a few utards stopped me to make some witty comments. "it's kinda cold to run huh!" whatever. dont talk to me while i'm running. everyone in utah feels like its okay to talk to anyone you want to.. complete strangers, even. do that in vegas and you get shot. the rain felt so good, and it was the perfect temperature to cancel out the hotness from running. haha. here's a picture i took from my dorm.

all i know is its gonna be a long week, but luckily i have my family's visit to look forward to! they are coming to provo on friday. i couldnt be happier.


  1. I love our daily talks too! We are excited to see you!

  2. you crack me up. I like your new background by the way. um how do you like running in the snow? good luck with that! (: