new roommates.

yes, i am fully aware of the visitors policy here in Helaman Halls.. but i dont think my three visitors would pass the tests. in my bio 101 class, we have been learning about bacteria. gross. we did some experiments and such, which were bearable but not something i'd want to do every day. then to my astonishment, brother stowers announced that we would be conducting our own "at-home" experiments, and be in charge of three different petri dishes for a week.
so right now i am babysitting little trays of e coli (yes, e coli...), and lactobacillus (you dont even wanna know where this is found. yuck.). oh and lets not forget the third dish that i got to fill with whatever i wanted... i should have put candy or something in it hahaha. but believe it or not, my grades matter to me. so i took a cotton swab and got some bacterial specimen from the lovely dorm shower. look at this nastiness

i wish the picture was clearer but it was hard not to get a glare.
this is the dish from the shower. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING.
you can not look at this fungus growing in my dish and say you want to go hop in the shower butt naked. i dont know what im gonna do. there's gotta be a hose somewhere outside i can use instead of this infested place. hahahah.
katherine keeps making fun of me and saying that im like one of those psycho creeper roommates who grows stuff in her room and does weird experiments. but i told her if she doesnt shut up i will open the dishes and dump them on her face while she's asleep.
good times.
23 more school days left :) wooo!
oh by the way... we had our first legit snow this morning. stuck to the ground. i think its almost melted by now... but lets just say i havent stepped out of my hall ONCE today. uhg. can i go home?


  1. looks like you have some nice new roommates! yum. Sorry about the snow... get used to it! you loved the snow when you were little! enjoy it!! love you!!

  2. this post made me laugh so hard! I wanna see the growing bacteria next time i come over...

  3. gross gross gross. . . you should do your keyboard. I did that once in a biology class and it was so disgusting. make sure you are using a clorox wipe on that every day mmk