confessions of a starving student

so i realize that most of my posts revolve around food... but guess what, i am obsessed with food. here's whats on my mind:

i pay a buttload of money each month to have full access to our cafeteria, a.k.a. "the cannon center." they have some pretty dumb rules and hours... like on saturdays and sundays, they close at six. OKAY. so if i have church and other meetings from 10:30-2:30, i go at three for a late lunch, and then what? i wont be hungry again by 6. also, they have this rule that you cant take any food out of the room with you. they even have cubbies and lockers to lock your purse in before you enter the cafeteria part. now, to me this seems like a pretty stupid concept. i pay to eat there... i should have the right to snag a little something for later. especially since i dont have a kitchen.

ANYWAY, to make a long story short, katherine and i totally swiped some chicken cordon bleu this sunday. its hands down the best meal the cannon center makes. delicious. i could eat 3 or 4. maybe i have. hahhaha. but it is such a rare delicacy because the menu rarely repeats itself (which i guess i should appreciate), that we decided to take full advantage of the cannon center and make sure none of the deliciousness went to waste.

yum. look at that. i wish i could explain how good it is. and they serve it with these seasoned potatoes.. mmm. it was so easy. we should have stolen more than one each. hahahha. "steal" sounds so bad.. i didnt steal it! i paid for it!

the whole experience made me laugh. acting like secret agents as we held our napkin covered chicken. so hopefully you will enjoy it as well.

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  1. next 007? I have this really yummy chicken cordon bleu recipe for the crockpot. I will have to have you over for it. You totally didn't steal it! You paid for it! I can't believe they make you put your purse in a locker/cubby. RIDICULOUS. However i'm not surprised. byu has such insane rules.