this is my boyfriend...

his name is scotty...we met in the baptismal font at the temple...

and he is freaking cute.
he is an amazing singer and back scratcher.

he is hilarious, romantic, "like... really strong", sweet, spiritual, and so manly. hahaha.

its hard being away from him, but we're making it work! since our first date two months ago, we've pretty much been inseparable haha. it doesn't even feel like two months, i feel like i've known him forever. i love being around him! he makes me so happy :) we always have fun together, whether its dancing like idiots in his car, going to yogurtland, or having dinner with our families. i miss him a lot. but guess what.... 8 days!! :)


  1. uh oops, i accidently just left a comment under my office's email. anyways...in case it doesn't post...

    I'm glad you decided to introduce scotty to the blogging world & I'm glad you are so happy. You guys are way cute.

    are you hanging out with us this weekend?

  2. this is precious ashley. we probably should update each other on our lives. call me sometime k?

  3. awww you met at the temple! love it!