i love rain.
i always have, and i always will.
i feel like a lot of people claim to love rain... but its not as deep of a love as mine.
sure, everyone wants to make out in a rainstorm, and some people might love lightning.
but there's so much more!
rain makes me so happy.
the mere word makes me smile.
i love the dark grey clouds... i love the smell... i love the drops hitting my face... i love the pattering on my window... i love the way the streets and sidewalks shine like silver afterward (see photo)... i love the cool breeze... i love wearing a hoodie and walking the rain- but at the same time i love my hair getting damp... i love sitting outside to observe thunder and lightning... i love the wet dots rain makes on my clothes... i love the relaxing feeling i get watching rain fall... i love dancing in it... i love walking in it... i love running in it... i love watching rain collect in the gutter like a stream...

rain is the best.


  1. are you kidding me? I was so going to post about rain. for reals I meant to take a picture outside of my window today. But then I totally was being lazy and never did.

    I understand your deep love for rain...because I have it too. seriously it's better than the sun.

  2. Ok Girls lets not get crazy about it being better than the sun. :-) We in Seattle love our rain, but we love it when the sun shines after a good rain. Then the green looks awesome. But trying to sit in the rain durring a soccer game in the rain can get a little old fast. My hair goes all frizzy also...not a good look on me. Come and visit us soon and enjoy the rain with us. :-)