how to throw the perfect christmas party

STEP 1: hang ornaments from the ceiling, cover tables with red/green butcher paper, have a christmas playlist on, hot chocolate, and lots of candy. Have a girl's amazing mother cut out and sew 50 white fleece stockings. separate ribbons, glitter, buttons, scissors, etc in buckets on the counter.

STEP 2: girls come. each one gets a blank white stocking. let the creativity begin!

STEP 3: lots and lots and lots of buttons.

STEP 4: hot glue guns are a must.

STEP 5: start cutting, gluing, tying , sprinkling, and singing.

STEP 6: finalize the stocking. walk around and admire all of the diverse creations.

STEP 7: show it off! all of the stockings turned out super cute, but here are some personal favorites
and of course i couldn't help but make my cute fiancee one.
he's never had his own stocking before... poor baby.
our stockings compliment each other.
i can't wait to hang them over our own fireplace one day :)


  1. you're cute. cute as a button :) oh I'm so clever!! or cheesy..... I love you ziggay!! xoxo

  2. Can I clarify something. The year I was 8.5 months pregnant I made new family stockings. His pieces were cut out to make one for the new baby. But there was a garage fire 2 wks before Christmas which stopped all sewing. Then in the hub-ub with a new baby and 5 children under 8, I didn't get back to sewing. Pretty much ever. But Santa a.l.w.a.y.s. left little Scotty a stocking full of goodies in the stocking that was labeled "dad". and it became the tradition. and the pieces for the scotty stocking were lost over time. When the scotty child was 16 I bought all new stockings for the family. His name was the first sewn on. So technically he only had 15 Christmas' without a stocking. And he got stockings sent to Brazil for two years. And we always overcompensate to make up for him being the youngest and missing out on something, so really, don't let his sad stories get to you. He's done quite well for himself over the years.

  3. That was a cute idea for a Christmas party and I am very impressed with the creativity. Good Job. I see Relief Society is in good hands for the future.