happy anniversary!

guess WHAT!
remember the beautiful, perfect, sparkly thing i have on my left hand?
the three stone?
white gold?
perfect in every way?

well, today is mine & my sweet RING's anniversary!
that's right- we've been together a whole year as of today.

remember this magical day? i saw her in a little black box and fell in love.
and she's just as sparkly as the day we met.
(special thanks to casey at fred meyer jewelers in university mall)

scotty and i celebrated that special day in each other's arms, smiling and giddy for hours and hours and hours and hours and HOURS. (and in my case, MONTHS) (like 12 MONTHS)

so for the first anniversary of me and my ring, scotty and i celebrated the best we could.
and when i say "the best we could"... this is what i mean:

i know.
facetime just isn't cutting it these days.
i mean, it was a fabulous celebration. don't get me wrong.
but uhh... i miss him.
i love my fiancee. can you believe i've had a fiancee for a whole year?
i'll just let you know that a fiancee is my most favorite thing i've ever had
the sad thing is, i'm losing him.
in just 6 short days, i will no longer have a fiancee.

i know.

it hurt my heart a little too
until i remembered that in 6 short days this handsome, stunning, hilarious, sweet, generous, spiritual, tender, perfect-in-every-way man will be my
the font can't go big enough to express my excitement.

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