lake powell 2013

On mine and scotty's second date, we were still in the process of asking each other all those cheesy get-to-know-you questions. He asked where my dream vacation was, and I said Europe or NYC. When I asked where his was, he said "Definitely Lake Powell." I laughed because I thought he was joking... but he wasn't. I've never been, and since then I've tried to comprehend Scotty's undying love for the lake, wakeboarding, and houseboats. He promised me that when we went together I would understand!

SO, you can imagine Scotty's excitement when this year's lake trip conveniently fell in my 2-week window of summer vacation! He's been talking about it for six months now. As our trip neared closer and closer, I was getting so excited to finally experience my husband's favorite place, and Scotty was giddy as ever, buying swimsuits and giving me a rundown of Lake Powell etiquette (I guess one does not pack a suitcase when traveling to the lake-- Only backpacks or duffel bags!). I was so ready for our ONE summer trip. We haven't had time to do anything fun all summer because of crazy work and school schedules. We didn't go to vegas once and we missed my family's week at the beach house. ANYWAY, the point I'm getting to is this: we were really excited to go to the lake. And then we got news that the houseboat had a hole in it. 

The trip was canceled. We were heartbroken but there was nothing we could do. We opted out of the replacement vacation to California because it was too far of a drive and we didn't have enough time. All week I've felt so bad for Scotty because I knew how excited he was. I felt bad for myself because I'm a stress case getting my classroom ready and instead of laying out in the sun for four days I found myself making a front and back to-do list... 
... not exactly my idea of "summer fun." Scotty's dream vacation was gone and I didn't know how to make him happy here when we should have been there. Luckily, I remembered his #2 dream vacation spot, and I know how to bring it to him without spending thousands of dollars on plane tickets. So instead of the lake, we made a Brazilian night: complete with music, food, pao de queijo, and even a little samba.
I mean hey, I still look like an albino because of my lack of sun... but we have fun together, lake or not. 
I love this guy. 
... now back to my to-do list! 


  1. FUN post. I noticed something. Are you using capitals in the beginning of sentences and on the very common word "i" because you are a graduate of a college institution now? :) Or is it because you are almost an official teacher with real live kids to love? Either way, I love reading your fun blog.

    How do I get people to follow mine? Am I that lame?

  2. poor scotty. lol im glad you still got to stay in and be together. sometimes, those are my favorite kind of days with tony :) ps i haven't seen you in ages. what the heck!!!