A Classy Christmas Season

December was an exciting month for us! We enjoyed many different things. Usually we spend our quality time at the mall, Target, the movie theater, etc... the usual. This month, however, we felt extra cultured as we attended all kinds of artistic events! 

First, we went to Savior of the World. It is an annual program put on by the church held in the conference center theater downtown, and my good friend/coworker performed in it. Scotty doesn't usually like the singing-dancing stuff I drag him to, but this one was so different. The play depicts the Savior's birth and death. Scotty and I both got teary; it was absolutely beautiful! This performance was the perfect thing to put us in a spiritual christmasy mode. 
Another classy thing we went to was The Nutcracker. One of my cute students was performing in it, so I just had to go!!! She did great. Scotty had never been to a ballet before, so I was surprised when he told me he enjoyed it. He recognized most of the music, and I think he liked the fact that there weren't any cheesy broadway-type songs being sung :) I personally love ballets! I am always mesmerized by the jeweled costumes and graceful dance moves.
Then we went to the Music and the Spoken Word slash the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert with our good friends Jessica and Wade! Wade scored four tickets and was kind enough to think of us to invite! We are lucky to have such good friends. 
Mo Tab never disappoints! I loved listening to the hymns. My favorite was Angels We Have Heard On High. So so powerful! It was also fun to see the organist's feet move crazily back and forth, and to see John Rhys-Davies fly off the stage and hover above the audience! Intense special effects in that conference center, haha. The prophet attended the concert as well -- it's always exciting to be in the same room as he is. 
 Lastly, we went to Temple Square with the Zeiglers and saw the temple lights! I love this tradition! It's always a treat to visit the Salt Lake temple and remember the church's history. I feel so blessed and honored to be a part of the LDS church. I love the magical spirit of Christmas I feel when I see their lights. 
A beautiful display of architecture and electricity. 
So beautiful, in fact, that some would recommend holding a camera in each hand: 
I love her haha! We are so happy we found some fun friends in our ward. It is starting to feel more and more like home. 
What a fun month! Now we are in Vegas making more memories with our families and friends. I am so grateful for all the people and experiences I've been blessed with in this life! Merry Christmas! 


  1. I laughed so hard. I forgot you took a picture of me with my camera's. Hahaha thanks again for coming, you rock!

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