reunited and it feels so good.

(okay i am blog retarded. not sure why this is underlined.. i am frustrated out of my mind about it because i have ocd problems. i wanted to exit and start all over but i spent to much time on this post. gah.)
first, mom went to girls camp. that was a drag. kind of gave me a reality shock of how much life is going to suck when i am away from her 24/7 in the fall. too bad i wont even have a car to make it possible to visit home :( boo.
THEN, one of my best friends alex came into town for her summer 
break. its been so weird having all of my friends move off to college. alex was in provo, but now is in st. george. its nice to have her closer, but im super bummed that we dont get to fulfill all of our provo plans we had made together for in the fall. since kristine is here as well we've all been hanging out a lot. like old times. we made a little beach trip on friday... 

i wish i could explain how much i love these girls haha. freaking missed leah. and kami was out of town so she couldnt join us :/  its been a while since the fab 5 was all together.. i miss it!
Then, to continue the theme of "reuniting", mitchell was at a scout camp for two weeks. YEAH, two weeks. can you say holy crap? you wouldnt think it would feel like that long of a time... but it did. it felt like a month. when mom was gone at camp and mitch was at his camp the house was so weird. i didnt like it. bahahha. but anyway, we met mitchell at the airport yesterday with signs (that tanner and i spent a good hour on..) and it felt so good to have the family all together again. 

tanner and i with our signs :)

mitch and me. not gonna lie i kinda teared up when i saw him come down that escalator... it was weird. two weeks really is a crap long time. i wonder what it will feel like when he is gone for two years!?
Tonight we had family dinner together for the first time in who knows how long. the food was a little iffy but the company was fantastic. haha, tanner is nuts. he said something obnoxious and my mom was like "where did you come from?!" and he replied, "YOUR WOMB!!" hahaha. psycho. all i know is i am going to miss my family a lot next month when i leave.
next month.
its july right now.. and i am leaving in august. this is weird. 
i want to leave so bad but i dont haha.. its gonna be so bittersweet...
thats pretty much it for now. i need to get my ration of facebooking in for the night, oh if any of you are bored out of your mind check our www.mylifeisaverage.com... its pretty entertaining hahaha.
good night :) hope everyone has a great week.


  1. We will miss you terribly when you leave!! I will be the only girl home... I'm glad you love your family!! We love you too!

  2. You are so funny, Ashley! I love your post. It's so neat to hear you say that you love your family & will miss them. You do have an awesome family & life will be different without them on a daily basis however you will enjoy being at school & experiencing new things.

  3. I love to hear your unedited version of family life in the Barnes home!

  4. Well I for one am excited for you to move up here! yay! I guess I will have to make the long trek to provo to hang out with you though! haha thats okay. listen. . .this is my new blog so read it and fix it on your list of peeps mmk? sablymiller

  5. i loved that reunited was for your friends AND family! i am glad you are taking advantage of being with them before you leave, because sometimes it takes leaving to realize how much you like being with them! great post!!!

  6. your post is great post ,i am agree with you.thanx for shaing..