the way i live

i dont know what it is about brianhead that i love the most. the greenery? the animals? the company? the cool weather that doesnt make you sweat your face off the minute you walk outside? being with all of my favorite people?
whichever answer it was, i am in love.
brian head is amazing.
we came up to dix's cabin friday and have just be exploring or vegging out or playing an intense game of hearts. my moms whole side (almost) of the family is here.. so we're pretty packed. but atleast we all like eachother haha. its been a blast. i am leaving sunday night with my dad so we can go to work.. but im bummed i'll be missing out on more fun! we've already made 5 batches of cookies... i freaking sewed a quilt... we watched old home videos. what else could anyone ask for?

could mac computers be any more fun? i think not.
charity, me, and dallin with stretched faces
me and cute miss emily. she is so much fun
baby afton, angela, ashley, and charity

i am blessed to have such a cute family that i love!


  1. haha you are such a nerd. I love it. The cabin was way fun, but 2 days was long enough for me. Cabin Fever??? I miss the babies though. I could have held baby Justin or Afton all day long every single day! see you soon!

  2. you do have a cute family! wow!!
    i'm so glad you love them!
    who was the heart winner?