summer madness

Well hello fellow bloggers. i am extremely slow at this.. haha i feel like my life is too uneventful to post things on my blog. BUT, to contradict what i just said, here is what i have been up to.

westra family reunion was a hit! this picture is of me and my mom (who threatened me with my life if i didnt crop her out of this picture) swinging my cousin charity in the air. she is ADORABLE. i love her so much. i am kind of obsessed with her.
We had fun walking around temple square and watching the joseph smith video and seeing the christ statue..

to the left is me and baby afton.. the love of my life right now. she is so stinking cute. everyone kept stealing her from me at the reunion because i "live in vegas and get to see her all the time" which is definitely not the case. maybe once a month. i dont know. my aunt jenn brought her to my work the other day so i could watch her while she went to the vet (lol random..) and afton was the star of the cleaners. everyone was fighting over holding her and talking about how cute she is. i know im biased because she is my blood.. but she is adorable.
Above is me and my favorite cousin of all time, angela. we have been close for as long as i can remember. i was a little disappointed that we didnt take a traditional coldstone trip this time.. but i guess i dont need it lol. gotta watch out for that freshman 15.
I'd have to say that this very picture of my cute family is my favorite of all time. a couple of reasons...
1. look at mitchell's v-neck. oh yeah.
2. me and my mom look like twins.. numerous people have already said that about this picture. it makes me smile :)
3. i love how green the background is. you forget that there is grass and trees in other parts of the world after living in vegas for so long!
yeah. its a favorite picture of all time.
we had over TWO THOUSAND pictures all combined from the whole reunion trip. we put them all in a file and took what we wanted. it was so insanely hard to choose.. i put them all in my iphoto and then spent a good hour or two sorting and deleting them. talk about boring.
i wish i could put every picture from the trip on my blog haha. it would take up like 50 pages. but they are all SO cute! i have the cutest family. one of the ladies at my work who facebook stalks me commented on how not a single person in the family was ugly! hahaha. i could crack a mean joke right now, but i wont.

speaking of ugly haha, this is what i like to call "avon de gorgeous"
i was helping my friend alex westmorelands friend out at a salon down in mandalay bay... he is trying to be promoted from an assistant to a hair stylist and needed to prove himself by doing things on people, like up-do's, cuts and whatnot. so i went on down and received this lovely up-do haha. everyone else loved it but to me it just looks like a big mess of hair. i guess i dont have the hair stylist eye? i dont know.
well. 17 days till the big move.. yikes. it is creeping up on me! i started packing two days ago so now it feels so real. BYU, here i come!



  1. what is that picture . . . cooooome onnnnn! My eyes are retarded. I look like Hellen Keller! But I feel so special for the little shout out. I love that i'm your favorite cousin! pretty easy to be when the next girl cousin is. . . Taylor? Can't wait for you to be up here in like 2 weeks! (that means i will have to drive an HOUR to provo to see you, maybe you could just come over for a slumber party. we do have an extra bedroom for my clothes that we could throw a bed in)

  2. hahaha sorry. its a crappy picture of me too, but its the thought that counts. it shows we spent time together! hahaha. did you count out five o's in your "cooooome onnnnn" ? just wondering. and DUH you are my favorite cousin. kidding me? i better be yours.. i know i run a tight race with afton but come on. i am so excited to go to utah. you better come rescue me from BYU sometime.