my full circle moment.

oprah always talks about her "full circle moments," and since my goal in life is to emulate her as closely as possible i figure i will share mine with the blogging world.

In third grade i made a time capsule.
We put a bunch of random stuff in it; receipts, pokemon cards, a doll i made out of yarn, etc. One thing inside was a survey. The survey had your general questions from "how old are you?" to "whats your favorite color?" One of the questions was "describe your perfect day" and my answer was as follows.

My perfect day would be my first day at BYU.

I wrote that in THIRD GRADE! this has been my dream for so long, and it amazes me that i am fulfilling that dream this very second. My first day of school was perfect. of course i miss my parents and brothers, but i love everything about this place. the weather, the dorms, the food, the spirit. president hinkley once said that "byu is truly a sacred ground", and i couldnt agree with him more. Its so cool that we all have the same standards, and that we open my history class with a prayer, and that if you share a scripture as a spiritual thought in the opening of my biology class you get extra credit.
I love this!
im so blessed that i got accepted. Everyone here is a valedictorian, or a national merit scholar, got a 35 on their ACT or plays every sport and instrument imaginable. It's a little intimidating. I wouldnt want to be anywhere else, though.

One week down, Fifteen to go.


  1. we are so proud of you! Glad you are loving everything about it!

  2. You're taking me back...believe or not I remember my first week at BYU, I cried everyday...lots of life lessons in one week...there was a blind guy that lived in helaman and i saw him on campus lost and asked him if i could help him, can you imagine BYU campus during rush hour being blind. I was overwhelmed with all the Lord had blessed me with...so don't let all those smarties intimadate you..the Lord has blessed you with so much. Your smile is contagious, you are amazing...love you!

  3. i will just call you todd from now on