why i love my mom

this whole "college/live life on your own/experience total (almost) freedom/fend for yourself/live 400 miles away from home/go live with some random person you dont know/try to live in an environment in which the average climate is 20 degrees lower than you're used to" thing is really great, dont get me wrong. buuuut, lately, i've been getting a little bit homesick. especially since a bunch of random crap has been happening to me lately... for example
1. i totally bombed my first test after DAYS of studying
2. uhh.. i had a little accident involving me, dr pepper, and my laptop. not fun.
3. i miss my friends. one called me this week in tears telling me to come home.
4. i miss my home!! i took so much for granted. like sunday dinners.. mm i would kill for my moms sunday roast right now, complete with potatoes and homemade gravy. or the stupid cheesy games we played. or our high-speed internet that lets me go on whatever site i want. i wish i didnt have to haul my personal stuff down the hall to take a freaking shower. i miss our house and the pictures and the couch and eating in my spot at the dinner table... GAH. i could go on, but i wont for the sake of time, space, and my finger muscles.
5. i miss tanner. i miss his jokes, his gay little laugh, our fights. at least he talks to me on the phone unlike some people.

anyway, i'm assuming this gets the point across that i've been homesick this week.
SO... today a little heaven-sent bundle came to me.
complete with an assortment of my favorite candies, a family picture, a note from my mom, some fuzzy socks, hot chocolate, mmmm. exactly what i needed. oh and dont forget my new face wash. how am i supposed to meet my eternal companion if my face is covered in acne? haha just kidding. give it a couple years.

basically, for all of those who dont know, my mom is a freaking saint. i miss her so much. i feel bad for her being the only female in the home.. yuck. i miss going to the gym with her, and getting yogurt after :) bahaha. we're dumb. luckily, we have these things called cell phones. free verizon-to-verizon calls save my life right now.

besides my random breakdowns, i really do love it here. its so much fun! and i cant even explain how much i lucked out with my roommate. its like we were made to be each others roommate! hahaha cheesy. whatever. she's my favorite. we just have a little problem with getting ourselves out of bed in the morning.. but we're working on it.

hope this didnt sound too emo. you cant blame me for being homesick when i have to go from such a great home to a freaking 10 by 10 cinderblock room with absolutely no closet space! haha. i love college.


  1. Wow... that was nice to come home too. I love you too!! We miss you a lot! But we are so excited for you and all your new experiences! Enjoy it!

  2. Ash. We miss you too. Home isn't the same without you. We think about you every day and pray for your happiness and success. We absolutely cannot wait until you come home again, even if its for a short weekend. We love you. Make the best out of college and have fun too.


  3. You do have a great mom and family. Just think, some day (in the not too near future) you can pay them back by being a great mom yourself. Don't rush it though, enjoy these fun times!