i am quickly writing this blog post for the mere reason that after this is published, i will have literally NOTHING to do besides study. (or sleep. both of which are beneficial to me in my current situation)
in the past few hours i have washed my face, used my neti pot, made my bed, organized my shoes, wrote in my journal, had a friend change my facebook password, ate, brushed my teeth, changed my clothes, taken out the trash, organized things in my room, and after that i even moved every object on my desk onto my bed (see photo) so i would sit here and only focus on physical science and nothing else.

of course i kept my computer next to me so i could play my "study time" playlist that includes instrumentals and piano jams. i've reread five chapters in my physical science book in preparation for my final exam tomorrow.... and i'm about ready to start drawing on myself i am so bored. i hate science. it makes my brain hurt. i would rather write a 50 page paper about something interesting than read 50 pages (thats my current standing in the book) about tiny little particles and stupid laws that i dont know how to define and how specific forces work.

so this is my remedy. taking stupid pictures of my book and me. there are other funny ones but considering i have family who read this, those pictures will remain hidden. i can't believe i only have three more days left here. everyone is saying its so "bittersweet".... but in all honesty i am only seeing the sweet right now. i cant wait for the sun and my bed and my family. i miss so much about vegas. i've wanted to start packing so bad but i am forcing myself to wait until monday. i could have been done two weeks ago, i've been so excited to leave. but i keep telling myself that after i finish all of my finals, i can reward myself by throwing all of my possessions into boxes and hitting the road. PEACE OUT P-TOWN.


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  1. i love how you had to put everything on your bed. . . and how you found countless things that were more important than studying. sounds about right to me. i must agree with you...science is useless. someone else can figure everything out for us, and i will just believe that they are right...i don't need to figure it out myself. so boring.