all i ever do

well for about the past 11 days my mind and eyes have been on ONE thing.

instead of sleeping, i stare.
and i show off.
instead of taking tests, i take pictures.
(just kidding, mom)
i stare some more.
and on the way to class i stare even more.
(the stare is always accompanied by a smile)
i wake up and make sure all is still intact.
i've come to the conclusion that focusing on homework is near impossible with something this exciting on your hand.

i love my ring... and i LOOOVE my fiancee!
i can't wait to see him in THREE DAYS!
life is great.


  1. I need to see that bad boy in person.

    The ring. Not Scotty.

  2. EEEEEE!!! My ZIG I'm so HAPPY for you!!!!!! I seriously am just excited you're adorable. I love how happy and giddy you are!!!