boyfriend #2

i suppose i should announce some important news...
i now have two boyfriends.
one just wasn't enough.
so, without further ado, meet drew
hahaha he is so cute. this is scotty's nephew. he spent the whole weekend trying to put his arm around me, flirting with me, or holding my hand. at one point he came up to me and said "ashley, i'm a better kisser than scotty!" hahahaha. his mom helped him a little with that line. he also told the family that he was going to "wait until scotty's not looking and slip right in next to her!" or something like that.
he is so funny.
although i liked hanging out with my boyfriend drew...
i looooooved hanging out with my real boyfriend all weekend :)
scotty's mom is awesome. she flew scotty to salt lake, where i met up with him, and then we flew together to texas for a cousin's wedding. the whole weekend was super fun!
we went to a rehearsal dinner, the wedding, the wedding reception, had late night talks in the motor home, i introduced some of the family to chili's chips/salsa/ranch, i met the grandparents, i met the great-grandpa and he called me "baby," we watched movies and even got our own personal tour of downtown fort worth!
we flew back to salt lake together, had a date in the airport during his 3 hour layover, and then we had to leave each other. that's always the worst part... stupid.


  1. i loved when he asked you to dance. so cute.

  2. No worries now....now you've got 1 boyfriend and 1 FIANCEEEEEE! yay baby! :)

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