happy mothers day, all.
if you haven't met my beautiful mother.... your life is probably significantly suckier than mine.
remember this? and number two in this list? oh and how could we forget this one?
my mom is the best. if that's not enough evidence for you, fear not. i could keep going for days.
first of all, look at how cute she is
she's so pretty. i know, i know. it's hard to believe that she's my mother when she doesn't look a day over 25.

i love the weird crap we do together. we used to love going to the gym together. we love talking about going running together. we love ice cream/fro yo. we love costco trips. we love laying out together. we love watching oprah and ellen together. we do stupid things like the master cleanse and are each others support systems. she is my biggest supporter. she is always so good about pushing me to do school work, real work, and to not drop out of college.

she is the best advice giver. i tell her my problems and she can always fix them. i love that about her.

she is so cute. she is always talking to hummingbirds outside or our turtles. she has names for all of them and we like to make fun of her (but only because we love her)
we love how she gets a weird british accent when she's mad.
she's always been such a great example to me. she has such an amazing testimony and is so faithful. she has taught me how to serve others. my mom is the most selfless person i know. i have so many memories of her taking food to people, or dropping her plans for the day to go help someone in need.
so to my own personal and all-time favorite chauffeur, cook, alarm clock, nurturer, teacher, doctor, cheerleader, financial adviser, photographer, friend, and secret keeper: HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!