third time's a charm.

the past 6 months and 2 weeks that i've been engaged have been quite busy to say the least.
every couple weeks or so my main priority changes.
for a while it was a dress.
photographer. (shout out to STEPHANIE PATTERSON!)
hoop skirt.
dj or no dj?

you get the point.
there are about a billion things left to plan and i keep jumping back and forth from cakes to colors not having any idea what to do.

last month's plan of attack was to find the perfect shoe.
once upon a time in march, i fell in love with this beauty.
gorgeous right? i have been obsessing over these glittery pumps since the second i laid eyes on them. however, slight problem. i had to use every ounce of self-control inside of me to refrain from buying these shoes. i try so hard to save my money... but somehow it all disappears. this summer i've made a goal to only buy things that i need so i can make better use of the money later for things like food, or rent. i figured these $100 could be spent somewhere else, and i would sacrifice for a more frugal shoe.

not to fear! my personal-shoe-expert/best-friend leah found these online for a steal! what do you know? the same thing for half the price. genius. the only thing missing was the enzo angiolini stamp of awesomeness, but i can live with out that. perfect, right?
wrong. apparently i have a horrible sense of guestimation in size/scale... if you get what i'm saying. show me a picture of a building and ask me how tall or wide it is and i have no freaking idea. ask me how many people are in a room- i dont know. i have issues with estimating things. so if you looked at this picture and thought "that heel is really high" you are one step ahead of me. the heel was insanely high. high enough to make me taller than scotty, which is not okay in my book.

so in my pseudo goldilocks and the three bears scenario, i move on to the third choice.
from target.
a whopping $27.
perfect height.
and juuuuuust right.
i have a feeling my glitter pumps and i will live happily ever after.


  1. i definitely just bought those gorgeous heels at target a few days ago.. let me tell you i am in love!!! not only are they perfect in every way possible, they are pretty darn comfy for heels! and 27 bucks??? HEAVEN.
    Props to you and your taste in heels! <3

  2. I wish you would have filled me in on the shoe issue! I would have told you that the shoe makes the dress. Love the ones you picked. And I you had paid $100 it would have been fine too. Need some reasoning? I'm pro at this...1 your dress was a steal so you can afford to blow some extra on shoes. 2. You are always going to remember these shoes...I only wear my bridal shoes on special occasions. 3. I hate it when people say to wear comfortable shoes on your wedding day. Really??? ... If we were going for comfort we wouldn't be wearing a 10lb dress and 8 layers of makeup. So...love the shoes and can't wait to see you in them!

  3. Those are my exact shoes I had for my wedding...well, the Steve Madden ones. I'm so in love with them and I stare that the in my closet every day of my life.

  4. I am glad you did not go with the too tall ones, they look a little over the top. But I do love the glitter. You might want to have a back up plan for later in the day. You do not want to be crying at the end of the night with your feet in pain.

    Love ya! Can't wait! Do we have a date yet for my calendar?

  5. looooooooove these shoes. So so cute!

  6. i LOVE THEM!!! you know how i am with shoes! and these babies are beautiful!