100 day journal

alright, listen.
i'm not trying to toot my own horn here or anything...
but basically, i came up with the best idea ever.
and i think all of you single/engaged ladies would be wise to follow in my footsteps

this here is my "100 day wedding countdown" journal.
if you're not so hot with taking obvious hints, the journal is to document the 100 days before my wedding day. it has been my favorite thing lately! i only write wedding-related things in it (what else would i write about, anyway?!) and i think it will be so fun in 10+ years to look back and remember all of the little details and remember what an exciting time this was. i dont want to forget anything!

the dedication page (yes, my journal has a dedication page) reads as follows:
this journal is an attempt to document every last bit of excitement, planning, stress, ideas, drama, color changing, booking, annoying moments, and all other emotions that accompany the difficult task of putting together a wedding, in hopes that one day my dear children will find it entertaining or of use, or perhaps my sweet scotty and i will read it for laughs. or maybe i will come to realize that this book is of more use to ME than others- giving me a space to rant, rave, vent, or spill all of my "I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!" giddiness so the public's ears can have a rest. regardless of where this will go and who it will help, i'm doing it! so join me for the next 100 days until i become a lawfully wedded wife.
i have no problem filling the pages because i have a million things on my mind!
and every day, something new comes up that i can write about.
it's a nice stress reliever, and as stated before, it will be enjoyable to read later.
AND since i am channeling all of my wedding excitement into this book, you should feel relieved to know that there will be a significant downswing on the wedding blog posts.

it's a win-win-win all around!


  1. i like this idea. so cute. but still keep posting on your blog. i love reading all the gushy, sappy love posts lol

  2. thanks for telling me nOOWWW!!!!!!!! hahahaha. this idea really is the cutest thing!!! good one!