well today has just been straight up CRAZY.
full of surprises.
you know how i am with lists.

1. wake up- SURPRISE!! moving day! this is real! really happening right now!
2. volvo- SURPRISE!!! tank full of gas!! (thanks dad)
3. say bye to family - SURPRISE!!! i bawled my eyes out. wait... that wasnt a surprise.
4. say bye to scotty- SURPRISE! only took like 10 minutes. i thought i'd be there all day but we couldn't take it any more.
5. waiting 2.5 hours to get to cedar city for cafe rio- SURPRISE!!! miss the exit. crap.
6. had to pee since st george and was waiting until cedar- SURPRISE! missing the exit was a double wammy. i wasn't about to turn around.
7. make it to beaver - SURPRISE!- and made it to a toilet in time! (major surprise)
8. downloaded 2 new cd's for the trip- SURPRISE! they were awesome. more info on that later.
9. get off the university ave exit- SURPRISE! i forgot all the streets/directions to everything! including my new apartment. that was fun.
10. look at thermostat in car- SURPRISE! it's only 95 degrees here! did i bring a sweater?
11. park car & stand up- SURPRISE! i couldn't move because i had to pee so bad! let your imagination finish the story.
12. haul crap to apartment- SURPRISE! no one is there and i dont know the key code. (moment of anxiety)
13. standing on the doorstep not knowing what to do- SURPRISE! alyssa walks up the stairs. perfect timing!
i even provided proof for your unbelieving eyes.
(i wouldnt believe it either)

i know. i know.
i almost got teary eyed. this is one of the most beautiful things that has ever happened to me. i have that line for hangers, a space above it, a dresser below it, and my four rubbermaid container things under my bed.
15. my four rubbermaid container things under my bed- SURPRISE! all four fit. amazing. miraculous. all i'm gathering from today's events is that i am meant to be here.
16. carrying boxes from car to the apartment- SURPRISE!! out of no where a fleet of 3 boys offered their services to carry the boxes for us. i forgot people are nice here!! (dont worry scotty, you know i was waving that left hand all around in their faces)
17. getting ready to make my bed- SURPRISE! forgot sheets. hmm.
18. i thought i would be tight with space with 5 other roommates... especially in the bathroom -SURPRISE! perfect set up. i have my own towel rack, my own shelf above the toilet, my own drawer under the sink, AND a little mini shelf between the mirrors. holler.
19. take a break from unpacking to check twitter- SURPRISE!!! jimmer is engaged. can't wait for this to be the talk of the whole school next week... not.
20. two weeks ago i planned on crying all the way to provo, getting to the apartment and sobbing on my bed until november - SURPRISE! i am weirdly excited to be here. im fine. im happy. yes, this might change in a few days. but as of right now... this is fun!

i'll keep you posted


  1. so glad you had a good day. I worried about you the whole day! Love you! and miss you! but i am happy you are happy!

  2. Ash, we need to get together while you are up here!!! Let me know if you need anything!

  3. How in the world did all of your clothes fit in that closet? Hahaha. Isn't regency/our side of the bedroom great?! haha. Who were the helpful boys? Our ward/BYU is great! Also, I love you! I'm wishing right now that I had left you a little surprise somewhere in you room, but it's a little too late for that, unfortunately.