moving on.

i have to tell you something...

i can't blog about my wedding.
i'm sorry.
i just can't!!!

and i have so many other things i want to blog about but i haven't been able to because of my ocd-like need for chronology. first things first.

i have drafts and drafts of wedding blogs saved and deleted... but nothing is good enough.
words can't describe how perfectly happy that day was or how sacred and special it was.

i feel stupid because every time someone asks me about it. i say "it was perfect." or "everything went perfectly." or "the whole day was just perfect!" i've spent the past few weeks searching my vocabulary for any word other than "perfect" that i can use in a blog post to talk about my wedding... but i can't.

i haven't even finished writing in my journal about it because it's so difficult to describe. (and for those of you who know me, i am an avid journal writer.)

so here we go:

my hair was perfect | scotty's outfit was perfect | the weather was perfect

the cake was perfect | the cookies were perfect
the whole reception was perfect

the drop ceiling was perfect | the tablecloths were perfect

my dress was perfect | the flowers were perfect | my shoes were perfect

see the problem?
the whole day was just too good for words.

so now you have two options:
1. excuse my sad excuse for a wedding post and move on

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