shopping spree

dear blog,
last month i had one of the best nights of my life.
it was like one of those too-good-to-be-real scenes from a movie.
scotty and i gathered up all of our williams-sonoma gift cards and went on a shopping spree.

i literally walked around the store and pointed at things i wanted, and scotty took them to the register. at one point i looked around and thought "okay... i still have gift card money... but there is nothing else i want/need." hahaha. it was great. we were so blessed to receive so many cards from family and friends. our kitchen was seriously lacking.

over $500 worth of merchandise later, i walked out of the store with the biggest grin on my face. i then died a little inside because i just had the best shopping experience ever, and i realized that i probably won't have that luxury again for a very, very, very long time.
welcome to poor newly wed life.

expect great things to come from my kitchen.
i am now equipped with every tool needed to create culinary masterpieces.
thank you for your donations!

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