my birthday boy

i feel like january has so many birthdays!
every week in jan. i have at least two of my favorite people celebrating their birthdays.
it's birthday-madness month haha.

most importantly is my dear husband's birthday on the 17th!
yes, it is on the 17th. but this year it kind of turned into a week-long birthday extravaganza.
only the best for my lover!

presents. i got him a new sweater and a man bag he has been drooling over :)
(or in his words... a "satchel")
and don't even think about judging my choice of wrapping paper!

we hung out at his favorite store, brookstone...
tried out some of their products.

ate dinner at olive garden...
they sang to him.

played wii games...
close game, close game.

i love scotty. im so glad we had this whole week to dedicate to him and his awesomeness.
and in honor of him turning 23, i would like to share the top 23 things that i love about scotty or reasons why i love him!

1. those blue eyes!
2. he loves me
3. his laugh
4. he has a strong testimony of the church
5. he listens to all of my stories
6. he pretends like i am an amazing chef
7. mr. fix it! he does all kinds of wonders around the house
8. he is tall
9. he paints the fingernails on my right hand
10. his passion for school
11. he lets me snuggle on the couch with him
12. he wants the best of the best for me
13. he's protective
14. he is a hard worker
15. he lets me drive sometimes because i'm scared to be a passenger
16. his big dreams for our future
17. he treats me to brazilian style beans/rice when i'm not in the cooking mood
18. his massages are better than a professional's
19. he invites me to his grey's anatomy marathons
20. he is always honest and loyal
21. he sings
22. he holds my hand
23. and last but not least... his sense of humor!

scotty is so funny... all the time.
i mean, look at what our sweet photographer had to put up with-

he cracks me up.

i love this guy, and i am so lucky to spend the rest of his birthdays with him for forever!
happy birthday scotty!


  1. um, LOVE the wedding pictures. Those might be my favorites. hahaha.

  2. this is so sweet. Isn't being married to your best friend just the best?? :) Your face in the wedding picture with his tongue out is hilarious.