pretty big deal.

i know now that november has come and gone, you're probably rejoicing in the fact that my wedding is over so i will blog about something else.



bahaha. i know it was over two months ago, but i still can't get over how completely perfect it was. best day of my life, hands down! you know? so naturally, i want to keep talking about it and thinking about it and blogging about it so that i will never forget how magical it was.

speaking of magical...
our wedding was such a big deal, that even the most magical people i know sent us a wedding gift. too cute to not share.

accompanied with a "just married" pin.

this second couple isn't as magical... and i guess i wasn't as excited about them.
scotty was.
but im glad michelle & barack made a special effort to congratulate us.

straight from the white house.

i framed the disney one and it's in our living room... not sure where the president's is.
how old am i?

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  1. i saw the mickey thing on pinterest. and pinned it. im sooooo doing that. and your priorities are definitely in order.