eager mcbeavers

i don't know why someone felt that it was necessary to label the first week of voting "early voting." don't you think most people vote on those days as opposed to actual election day? so why can't it just be "voting" and not "early voting"...? "early voting" makes me look like an overachiever. like i'm too ridiculously excited to vote and i can't possibly wait until november 6th to keep my voice to myself.

... well, maybe that last part is a little true.

so last night, 9 days early, we voted!
and i guess i was really eager and excited.
i maybe even forced my voting buddy to wear republican reds with me. 
i practically skipped all the way to the west jordan city hall.
(we strategically chose the voting location closest to yogurtland)
it was the first time voting for both of us. 
i am excited to have hit this rite of passage in my life.
after voting, i feel older and more important.
i feel like i walked in as a girl, and walked out as a woman.

happy voting, everyone!
click here for some unbiased election loving. 


  1. looks like your voting buddy was wearing Rebel red & grey! U.N.L.V go, fight, win. You can take the boy out of Vegas, but you can't take the Vegas out of the boy.

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