a week of wedding posts

as scotty and i are quickly nearing our first anniversary, i can't help but regret my stupid copout of a blog post describing our wedding (click here). therefore, i have dedicated this whole week to blogging about my wedding to make up for the posts i never wrote. 

to kickoff this week of reminiscing, i thought i would share a bit of foreshadowing that i find pretty spectacular. here is a picture of scotty and me on our first date
really, we were performing some kind of combined "rock on" gesture, but i can't help but smile at the 1 and 1 ... something that we played off of throughout our whole wedding-planning process. i mean, how could you not take advantage of 11-11-11? the most magical day of the century! ones were a reoccurring theme through our engagements... 
our announcement...
 and our reception decor! 
i am excited to spend the next 7 days recapping the 1 most magical day of my life. 


  1. yay!!!! i love this idea!! (i might have to steal it). I'm excited to read all these!!

  2. that is the most adorable thing i've ever read! you never cease to amaze me girl!!