the bridal party

one of the hardest parts about getting married is narrowing down your vast assortment of friends (and if we're going off of facebook, i have almost 700) to 3 or 4 that make the bridal-party cut. such an emotional task. i love all of my friends so much. but once that was over, the outfit-searching began. 
and you all know how much i love shopping! 
i love shopping so much, in fact, that i actually bought two sets of bridesmaid dresses (one of which i kept secret from my mother for a few weeks...). men are a little easier to dress. but then again, these four guys can make anything look good. thanks bryce, todd, and devon for being a part of our special day! 
keeping it so fresh. 
i freaking love my girls. 
leah, katherine, and kristine. 
i am so lucky to have such amazing people in my life! all three of these girls have helped me grow and become the person i am today. i'm so happy that we had our 6 best friends be in our bridal party. 


  1. I'm pretty sure I bought the first set of dresses. What ever happened to them?? I love all those girls too! You have a lot of great girlfriends!!