our actual anniversary is tomorrow.
but with leap year and what not, it's really been 365 days.
plus, tomorrow is sunday. day of rest.
so we began all of the anniversary festivities today!

sidenote: i decided the first anniversary is borderline awkward. it sets the tone for the rest of your anniversaries. if you get each other presents, it would be weird to not get each other presents the next year. right? so we explicitly stated that we will not buy each other anniversary gifts, but instead have a fun day spending quality time together.

and just because i can't buy scotty a gift doesn't mean i can't decorate a little...
i hung "12 favorite memories from 12 months of marriage" all over the apartment. they are still hanging from the ceiling... so our place is feeling a little jungle-ish. but they turned out really cute! it's amazing what a few pieces of card stock can turn into. and scotty was a good husband and bought me the most beautiful assortment of flowers! 
i should also mention that he cleaned the entire apartment while i was out this morning. what a guy! later in the afternoon, we went to the salt lake temple and did sealings. click here. not only was it a great act of service, it was so fun to reminisce and re-live our own sealing that took place a year ago. it was so special to give other people the same blessing that we were celebrating - eternal marriage! i think we might have to make sealings on our anniversary a tradition.
the sealings were scotty's idea, and benihana for dinner was my idea.
we both contribute in this relationship. 
(speaking of contributing, shout out to mom & john for giving us some anniversary loving! if you know what i mean... $$$) 
dinner was a blast. 
benihana is not just dinner, it's an experience
i think i ate more food tonight than i have all week: 
sushi, soup, salad, fried rice, shrimp, grilled zucchini & onion
... and that was all BEFORE the main entree came. 
thank heck for to-go boxes.
and to make the night even sweeter, in honor of our anniversary they spoiled us with free ice cream and this ballin picture: 
it was quite the successful night! 
scotty makes me the happiest girl in the world;
i am so blessed to be married to such a great guy. 
here's to one year down! 


  1. I wish I was as cute and creative as you! Haps anny. (that's cool person slang for happy anniversary.)