the reception

i've seen a lot of receptions. 
a lot of ugly receptions, along with a lot of beautiful receptions. 
now... correct me if i'm wrong, but i think our reception definitely falls under the category of beautiful receptions. maybe even "extremely beautiful receptions."
but i can't take credit for it. 
yes, i picked out the colors and tablecloths
but as far as the hard work goes, i have no one to thank but the one and only mrs pam hales, our outstanding decorator, and my mom. and let's not forget the friends and family who helped make our center pieces & tie ribbons on picture frames.
did you know i love cookies? 
because i do. 
in fact, recipes containing cookies are the only ones i have memorized. 
so naturally, when my mom and i saw a cookies and milk bar idea on pinterest we practically squealed with joy. i complied a list of only the BEST cookies for our caterer to bake:
snickerdoodle, m&m, ginger snap, pumpkin chocolate chip, and chocolate chip. 
when you eat cookies, you need milk. 
and when you drink milk, you need adorable pink striped straws. 
the cake wasn't as important to me as other things, but even with my constant lack of attention it turned out lovely. i only had a piece of the red velvet tier, but it was absolutely delicious! 
after the mingling, hugging, and cake cutting were done, it was time for the dances! my dad and i danced to "reflection" by christina aguilera.
... yes, the song from mulan.  
i'm still not entirely sure why he chose that song, but i do know that we once belted it out while driving to utah together for a family vacation. it was the middle of the night, just my dad and myself. i think he was getting a little loopy from lack of sleep :) he kept making me laugh and telling me jokes. i remember he made me laugh so hard that i was crying, and i was so scared because he was letting me drive the lexus and i didn't want to crash it. then this song came on and we both sang it with our whole hearts. tender moments. 
here is a tender picture to go along: 
then my dad handed me off to my new husband, and we danced to michael buble's "some kind of wonderful." a beautiful song. 
scotty and kim shared a dance to another michael buble song, "home." 
so special.
after the dances, the night moved on to the classic reception events:
the boquet toss and the garder toss!
to end the most magical party of my life, 
my husband and i needed a grand exit. 
two words: sparkler sendoff.
so thrilling!
what a perfect conclusion to the most perfect day in the history of perfect days!


  1. It was a perfect day! Except when we were worried we were going to run out of cookies!

  2. So cute Ashley! We need to get together some time so I can meet this lucky guy. It looks like you had the perfect reception!