bellagio bridals

oh, november 5th. 
exactly two years ago, the sweet man that i now call my husband proposed to me. 
you can get a recap of our proposal here
it was a magical night, no doubt. 
now every time i visit the bellagio fountains, i remember that life-changing night and how special it was.  the fountains hold a significant place in my heart. aside from being the place of our proposal, we also visited the bellagio on our first date, and many other weekend nights throughout our engagement. i'd say it was kind of "our thing."  this place was a sentimental landmark throughout our courtship and our engagement, and i wanted it to be a part of our wedding day as well.  plus, im a sucker for those beautiful balconies and fountains. so scotty and i decided to take some of our bridals there! though it may have been a little hectic and time-consuming, i have no regrets! i will forever cherish those fountains, and the following pictures from our wedding day: 
i'm so glad we made it from this...
...to this.
happy november 5th, everyone. 

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