still thankful

i love holidays.
i mean, who doesn't? right?

one of the things i love about holidays is that they act as a reminder.  they all have a purpose (except halloween), and usually they remind me of what i should be doing year round. just because we dedicate july 4th to celebrate our country and our freedom doesn't mean that we can't express that love any other day! and i shouldn't wait until february 14th to shower my sweet husband with praise, kisses, and gifts. so over thanksgiving break, amidst stuffing my face and adoring my family members, i realized that i have so much to be grateful for. there are so many things i can't live without, but are never recognized.

so this is me, trying to strengthen a weaknesses. i'm sorry that i don't convey my gratitude as often as i should, but i'm making a resolution to outwardly and frequently express my thankfulness.

here are 20 things i am thankful for this week:
1. seat warmers
2. target
3. spending time with cousins in midway
4. fuzzy blankets
5. a husband who brings home cafe rio
6. the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints
7. pink finger nails
8. fun & caring professors
9. pretty sunsets
 10. this funny picture of oprah on instagram
11. 6 months of free xm radio
12. my job
13. hot chocolate
14. this insanely good looking family of mine
15. maxi dresses
16. a construction-free i15
17. pinterest recipes
18. this amazing album
(and lauren who lent it to me)
19. my iphone
20. peplum shirts


  1. I hope they aren't in that particular order... : )

  2. even if they arent in a particular order, target should still be number two.