fa la la la la

the greatest time of the year is here, and i could not be more excited.
i mean, what's better than a celebration of christ's birth, my birth, the end of a semester, the exchanging of gifts, and three whole weeks off of school?

yeah... there is nothing greater.
(although, girl scout cookie time is a close second)
i love the decor, the candy, the carols, and basically everything else aside from the temperature drop. but even with my shivering legs and a frozen nose, i still walk around with a smile on my face simply because I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

needless to say, the second my calendar flipped to december,
i was ready to decorate.
scotty and i had fun rearranging our apartment... it feels so homey and festive. once we plug in our electric blanket, there is no chance i'll ever leave.
on sunday we had the pleasure of attending the christmas devotional with jen and tony. it was such a great experience. listening to the members of the first presidency share their memories and testimonies was touching. they are the best examples to me.
i especially liked president uchtdorf's talk about being a good receiver of gifts. 
... but seriously, if you only have time for one, read uchtdorf's. 
i hope all of you are getting into the christmas mood!
it's time for coats, hot cocoa, and candy canes.


  1. yay! such a fun night. we need to try and get together like once a month next semester. we love hanging out with you guys!

  2. Wait...you know Jen?! She is awesome!! Tell her to come to the blogger Valentines party too :D

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