mitchell's farewell

i can't freaking believe my kid brother is leaving for his mission in 10 DAYS.
i think we're still just a tad bit in denial. however, the whole thing seemed so real today when mitch gave his farewell talk. he did an amazing job. seriously, i was so surprised. he sounded like a mature, confident missionary, and i was so proud.
that picture might be a little inappropriate for church,
but for the record i didn't take it haha!
doesn't he look good?
and please don't mind my chipmunk cheeks. 
i had the pleasure of getting wisdom teeth removed this weekend.
after sacrament meeting, we invited everyone over to our house for some mexican food to celebrate mitchell and his decision and his worthiness to go on a mission. 
it was so special to feel all of the love and support from his friends and family! it's crazy to think the next time i see him, we will be dropping him off at the MTC. i will miss him, but i am so excited for him to leave and to touch many people's lives. those mexicans are lucky people!

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