christmas eve and day

one of the best things about marrying scotty (aside from his good looks, wit, charming personality, etc.) is the convenience of celebrating christmas with our families.  scotty's family has a big party on christmas EVE, while my family has a big party christmas MORNING. again - it's real convenient. so those 48 hours of christmas eve/day are always so fun for us! we get a happy mixture of both of our families, combined with food, presents, games, and pure joy!

on the 24th we woke up and ran some errands (a.k.a. bought last-minute gifts).
we wrapped some presents and were very productive! 
then ron took us out shooting, and it was a blast. 
i realized that if i'm ever in a situation in which my life depends on my strength or ability to shoot, i will probably die. i think i'm okay with that.
we shot a 50 cal and an AR 15...
it was way fun! scotty did really well, and i was just happy that i hit the target one time. after that, we headed over to my brother-in-law matt's house for the marx family christmas exchange! we all exchanged gifts with the other siblings and with ron and kim. it was a hit! we ate delicious macayos food and played fun reindeer games. i am frustrated with myself because i didn't take a single picture the entire night... but just trust me, even though i don't have photographic proof, it was fun. i am grateful for my thoughtful in-laws who showered us with gifts. scotty is excited about his tickets to a jazz game next year, and i can't wait to use my new temple bag and purse!

after the marx extravaganza, we went to my parents' house and opened our traditional christmas eve pajamas.  a few hours later (at approximately 6:30 a.m.) tanner woke us all up to an exciting christmas morning. we opened gifts, ate way too much candy, and made bacon with french toast.
one of my presents was a box with 6 tickets to the 12:25 showing of les miserables! i was so happy!
the movie was absolutely amazing -
but that's a whole other blog post in the works.
we lounged around playing with our presents and trying on clothes until scott & jenn came over with their cute babies to celebrate my birthday. we watched a movie and played with afton and jack. we ate dinner, dessert, and opened more presents.
i was pretty spoiled. i got the enzo angiolini boots i've been drooling over for months, clothes, school supplies (for my nerdy teacher side), new phone cases, scarfs, and last but not least, A PET BUNNY! my husband is so sweet.
i adore him!
he's so soft and cuddly.
and i'm up for name suggestions... so feel free to contribute.
we are so blessed to belong to two amazing families!


  1. i want to come play with your pet bunny!!!

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