2013 resolutions

happy new year! how did i ring in the new year? by blogging and pondering life's deepest questions! i keep having this reoccurring thought process questioning who i am. who am i? who is ashley marx? what is important to me? what do other people see in me? and i believe i can break down all of my qualities and characteristics into 5 main categories:

the spiritual ashley
ashley the wife
the social ashley
the academic ashley
the physical ashley

... and at any given time, i can only be two of those at once.
i rotate from being really social and hanging out with friends and being a good wife, to focusing only on church and school and putting all other relationships on the back burner. other weeks i am caught up on assignments and have straight a's, but i also gain 5+ lbs.  sometimes i am so good to my husband and i give him all of the attention he needs, but then i forget about praying or my church calling. it is so incredibly difficult to balance all five ashleys at once.

so this year, i am going to set goals that cater to all the ashleys,
hopefully bringing balance to my life.

spiritual: attend the temple at least twice a month, 
and read the book of mormon 
wife: do spontaneous things with my husband,
and follow these rules i found on pinterest
social: be more outgoing in the ward, 
and invite people over more often  
academic: straight A's next semester, 
and no ditching class
physical: NO CAFFINE in 2013, 
and exercise at least 3 times a week

i figured if i blogged about these goals, the publicity would pressure me into accomplishing them. so wish me luck as i strive to make 2013 a year of bettering myself and becoming the person i want to be.
it's time to kiss 2012 and my unbalanced ashley goodbye!


  1. You are one smart girl! I love you Ashley!

  2. I love the insights you put into your blog. Never a boring post!! (I'll never make it a semester without ditching class haha)