movie time > school time

scotty and i are really enjoying this break from school.
i fear i'm getting too comfortable with this whole no-responsibility thing!
i mean, during the school year i hardly watch movies... 
and if i do, i usually force myself to sit down and watch them. 
movies just can't make my priority list when school is in session.

so, since i currently have no readings, homework assignments, upcoming tests, etc, we have had a lot of time to watch movies! how sad is my life in which 7 movies in one week is overly exciting to me? here is a list and my humble opinions of the movies we've seen. 

1. Jack Reacher
surprisingly really interesting. ron and kim took us and it was very enjoyable. it's about a shooting and all of the detective work after said shooting.  i liked it way more than i thought i would; i think it's fascinating how people can think so outside of the box and pay such close attention to detail. i didn't really like the main girl, but who doesn't love tom cruise? i'd rate it 3.5/5, only taking points off because of the violence and the lack of a good romance :)
2. Pitch Perfect
i can't believe i waited so long to enjoy this hilarious movie! a lot of good one liners, plus a ton of great songs. i'm a sucker for a cappella and synchronized dance moves. mitchell gave me this for christmas, and i am way excited to own it! i feel like i was laughing the entire time that we watched it. 5/5 stars for sure!
3. Total Recall 
i don't know. maybe this shouldn't be on the list because i fell asleep after four minutes. but scotty liked it! 
4. Dark Knight Rises
a timeless movie. i'll never get sick of watching christian bale and anne hathaway. i mean, bane gives me the freaking creeps, but it's still a good movie.
i give it 4 stars.
5. The Avengers
a classic. scotty and i freaking love this movie, as mentioned in this earlier blog post. a perfect combination of wit, action, humor, and adventure. 5/5 stars. 
6. Breaking Dawn pt. 2
i actually had high hopes for this movie; i heard nothing but positive reviews from a variety of facebook friends. however, i thought it was boring beyond belief... and i think that's saying a lot coming from someone who read all of the books and went to previous midnight showings. i think the "sex scene" in the beginning was so ridiculously stupid that i couldn't take the rest of the movie seriously. plus, the whole plot was just edward and bella gathering friends to touch their baby. weird. and the cheesy recap at the end almost made me gag. i have no desire to watch it ever again. 0/5 stars. to cancel out the negativity, here is a funny picture of robert pattinson:
7. Les Miserables 
i seriously saved the best for last. words cannot describe the emotions i felt while watching this movie. the cast had so much passion, and the whole thing was so real! the storyline, the familiar tunes, the tears, the blood. i could almost smell the dirt when valjean was carrying marius through the sewers. i cried twice, but i guess i shouldn't really call it "crying." i was weeping. sobbing. noises were coming out of my mouth - it wasn't like a few tears silently ran down my face. everything was so powerful. i loved anne hathaway, amanda seyfried and especially eddie redmayne and samantha barks. what a great cast! i walked out of the theater wanting to be a better person, feeling so blessed for all that i have, and wanting to hug and cherish all of my family members. i left feeling inspired to be kind and to serve others. isn't that how every movie should leave you feeling? this movie is an inspiration! 8 out of 5 stars.
i'm already dying to see it again.
hopefully we can squeeze in a few more movies before school starts!
any suggestions? 


  1. I LOVED Total Recall! I'm dying to see Les Mis and Breaking Dawn pt 2. And Jack Reacher. And Pitch Perfect haha I have a movie problem!

  2. We loved The Hobbit! If you like Lord of the Rings, you'll like this one. :) Oh, and I totally agree with your review of Les Mis, but I would give it a 10 out of 5!!! ;)