christmas break highlights

aside from the christmas eve, christmas day, mitchell's farewell, and the movie watching i already blogged about, scotty and i did a lot of other fun things over christmas break!

i got pretty christmas nails
 we laughed at mitchell and tanner and their jokes
 we carried on our 21-year-old tradition of pictures with santa
 we visited the strip
 ... and got a pretty view of it from the new HOV lane :)
 we played fun card games with scotty's parents
 i enjoyed a wonderful fab 5 luncheon at BJ's
... and especially my complimentary birthday pazookie 

and meeting kami's sweet baby jack! 
he is a beautiful little baby. i'm in love.
i visited my mom's place of work at the world market center. she plays with christmas decorations all day, so i got a sneak peek at them :)
 after that, she treated me to farm basket.
scotty and tanner long-boarded from our house down to farm basket!
crazy boys. it only took them 22 minutes!
amidst all this fun, i got my wisdom teeth out and ate lots of fro yo.
and i spent lots of time with my husband.
we mostly shopped and munched on red velvet cafe chocolate chip cookies. 
leah did my hair!
i love it dark.
 and i hung out with these cute kids. i love my little cousins!
overall, it was a pretty successful trip. 
now it's time to get back into routine and prepare for school to start.