girls weekend 2012

just incase some of you haven't been keeping up with my pictures, statuses, and check-ins on social media, i wanted to fill you in on my incredibly fun trip to seattle. our trip was so fun, in fact, that i don't have enough self-restraint to narrow the pictures down to anything less than 24. accept my apology in advance. 

my mom and i arrived in seattle thursday morning. uncle dave picked us up and took us out to a delicious teriyaki lunch! i have a new-found theory: the closer i get to japan, the better the food is. dave went back to work while my mom and i made our attack on downtown seattle. 
the famous "gum wall" and i shared a special moment.
we watched the guys at pike place throw fish, and we sat on the pig. 
tourist activities: check. check.
we shopped, ate frangos, gossiped, visited the original nordstrom, and simply enjoyed each other's company! living in utah makes me miss my mom way too much.
it was a wonderful day. and friday was also wonderful.
we shopped allllllllll morning long. you should be happy to know that i happened upon some serious deals and made a good dent in my christmas shopping list.
fun fact: bellevue square has the nation's largest in-mall apple store.
i'll admit it was pretty freaking large.
after lunch, we headed to the temple to support my dear cousin kelsie.
the temple is beautiful, and the session was so special.
i am so proud of kels for making this big step in her life.
following the temple session was a rehersal dinner. the dinner was full of family, delicious food, tears, laughs, stories, memories, and cheesecake. 
what did we do after the rehearsal dinner? more shopping. 
we had 5 mall trips in 2 days. 

saturday was the big day
kelsie and cameron were sealed in the morning, and we spent the rest of the afternoon driving around town taking pictures, eating, and taking more pictures. (my two favorite pastimes!) 
she looked beautiful! i am so happy for these two love birds. 
the reception was held in a lovely room at the puyallup fairgrounds.
i am so happy my mom and i could be there! we had a great time.
meanwhile, the whole entire trip, i couldn't stop noticing how beautiful seattle is! granted i hadn't been there for almost 10 years, but i completely forgot how incredibly GREEN everything is! i love it! 
green + overcast = happy ashley
i voiced this opinion multiple times throughout the weekend, and everyone told me i "would get so sick of not seeing the sun."
... i don't think i would.
sunday, we ventured off to dave and rebekah's house in north bend. 
their house did nothing but fuel my desire to live in northwestern washington. 
are you kidding me? it's a freaking forest back there!
we snuggled up by the fireplace and spent the afternoon catching up, laughing, taking pictures, sipping hot cocoa, and crocheting. life could not get any better.
thanks mom for the fun weekend! 
the only downside was leaving. 
i am already itching to go back with scotty. 

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  1. It was a really great trip!! I loved spending some alone time with my little girl!