lost dreams and photography

i always knew i wanted to be an elementary school teacher, but that doesn't mean my attention was never sparked by other occupations. for example, photography is fascinating to me. i have such a high respect for photographers, and i constantly find myself drooling over their genius angles or quality editing skills. i have no intentions of resigning from the education world, but every once in a while i get a little photography itch. when i feel these itches, i grab my iphone, snap a million pictures, and edit the heck out of them.

yesterday, i lived that past dream a little and snapped away at the beautiful gloomy sky. i am obviously a sucker for cloudy days on byu's campus. the colors were to die for - i felt like i was walking through a forest! here is the extent of my photography portfolio:
all taken yesterday with my iPhone 4 and the apps afterlight and pro HDR.
such a fun creative outlet.

don't laugh, but here are the other positions i have considered (or at least wanted to learn more about):
+ interior designer
+ belle at disneyland
+ high school english teacher
+ graphic designer
+ writer/editor
+ algebra teacher
+ watercolor or oil painter

with the proper training, i think any of these would be enjoyable for me. but nothing brings me greater happiness or satisfaction than helping, mentoring, teaching, and caring for children. i'm so happy with my career choice and the path i am on. i can't wait to teach 4th grade in just a short 3 months.

and let's face it -- as a teacher, i'll be decorating my own classroom (interior designer), critiquing stories and writing assignments (editor), teaching literature and parts of speech (english teacher), along with math (algebra teacher), conducting weekly art projects (painter), and designing my own worksheets and graphic organizers (graphic designer). all i need is a disney character dress up day, and i've fulfilled all my employment dreams. talk about a win-win-win! 


  1. amen on all of those, except algebra. math = yuck

  2. such beautiful pictures. Who says you have to pick only one thing!? I love photography too! And I'm like you, whenever I get the itch I pull out my camera and snap away :)

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