the quickest of quick trips

on tuesday i saw jen in the hallway at school (i love that we're both education majors) and we caught up for a few minutes. she told me she was going to vegas on friday -- driving all by herself. i couldn't bear to think of my friend being so lonely, and next thing i knew we had arranged on a spontaneous girls trip! (four days is about as spontaneous as i get, haha!) she was only going down for a baby shower, and i was hitching a ride to see my family and keep jen company. we left friday around 3, and returned late saturday night. a quick 22 hours in vegas... this may be my new record. but even with the short amount time, i had a blast! vegas never disappoints. here's a recap of the weekend: 

love my favorite travel buddy. we've made this drive many times together. 
 ... it was all fun and games until we sat in this spot for 40 MINUTES. a semi was on fire. 
 it's okay, we got out and walked around to pass the time. 
 putt putt golf and yogurtland with my family. 
 breakfast on saturday morning. 
 followed by classroom crafts!!!
 and paper-stealing. 
the rest of the day was spent by the pool. we read books, laid out, had a BBQ, and even played a little basketball. (i lost, but what else is new?) 
 for the grand finale, we ate dinner at cafe rio. always a favorite. 
we had an eventful drive back (almost hitting a deer, jamming to old-school britney spears songs, and having deep talks about life), but i was happy to snuggle up with my cute husband at 1:30 this morning. let's just say i'll be needing my sunday nap today! 


  1. love you. what a great trip we had! haha

    1. also you blogged so fast. i might have to steal some pictures... hahha

  2. Vegas definitely doesn't disappoint. Ever! What a fun little getaway.