my father

happy father's day! i love my dad so much. he has many noteworthy qualities, it's hard to narrow them down to just a few... but i will try to do so in this honorary fathers day post. 
 + he serves. he is always looking for opportunities to serve. he's put me outside of my comfort zone with feeding homeless people and digging up the neighbor's weeds. the memories and good feelings we received afterward are priceless. he is always on the lookout for someone he can help. he has a selfless heart, and always puts others before himself. he sacrifices things to make others happy. 
+ he puts up with me, even when i don't deserve it. i've terrorized him with bald jokes and called him by his first name for years, and he still loves the crap out of me! i'm glad we have such a fun-loving relationship. 
+ he loves the arts. he introduced me to a wide variety of art at a young age. we talked about plays, museums, paintings, music, sculptures, and everything between. we love van gogh and les miserables. he is very in tune with his artistic side! in fact, he even painted the canvas in this bathroom selfie: 
+ he is a people person. he's always friendly, and he loves public speaking. he can entertain a whole crowd with his stories and ideas. he might be the most exciting high council speaker in church i've ever known :) he has a happy charisma that draws people toward him. 
+ he is the most creative person i know. the amount of creativity he has inside his mind is borderline ridiculous. he loves to design, persuade, and imagine. when i was little, he would ask me to name three random items, and he would create a bedtime story (on the spot!) revolving around those three things. i think he could have been successful in just about any career, but i'm glad he chose marketing and advertising. he is so amazing at what he does. i can only hope some of his talents are rubbing off on me. 
+ he is sentimental. i love that my dad tells me he loves me and misses me. his random texts, calls, and voicemails make my day. he does cute little things and surprises for my mom, and i love that.
i'm so lucky to have him as my dad!