ashley-scotty day

i remember being engaged and thinking, "i can't wait to be married -- i'll never leave scotty's side!" HA! what a joke. i was so naive and so wrong. now we hardly ever see each other. during my spring term, i left home at 7 am and didn't return until almost 8 pm. scotty's new position at work has him gone until about 9:45 every night, so by the time we ate dinner and said hi to each other, it was 10:30 and we were wearily climbing into bed! it's been a tough, busy summer. we are both working really hard. i'm happy because we are both moving toward our dreams, but i'm sad because we spend less than an hour a day together. so yesterday was officially ashley-scotty day. i told scotty he couldn't plan anything for the entire day. no meetings, no errands, nothing. just pure husband and wife time. 

we woke up around 11 (truly a miracle!), showered and ate some breakfast. then we headed off to the farmer's market at gardner village in west jordan. we had never been, but i had heard wonderful things about it! 
the best purchase of the day was this pineapple filled with ice cream and shaved ice. can you think of anything more perfect for summer? we are already planning on getting another one next weekend :) 
it was a beautiful morning. we were so relaxed as we walked around tasting samples and laughing with the various sellers. some people are so talented! we tried all kinds of foods and sauces, and walked away with a sweet lotion bar. the trip was successful! 
then we headed over to target to pick up a few necessities, and scotty got a haircut. our fun day continued at chilis, where i got a free flatbread thanks to this coupon. it was alright, but now i'm afraid i'm scarred for life because nothing is comparable to our shaved ice in a pineapple. 
we came home to clean and rest for a little bit. for dinner, we attended a church picnic. it was just lovely. the weather was perfect and the food was delicious. i watched scotty compete in a kickball tournament, and somehow i ended up with another shaved ice in my hand. 
we love summer. 


  1. i love this. i'm so glad to see other couples going through this too! i was just complaining to my mom about how i never see drake, he works six days a week, and also an apparent workaholic because he picks up shifts every chance he gets! i'm so glad you got an ashley-scotty day! i think i'll be planning something very similar soon! love you!

  2. seriously, you guys are the cutest!!!!

  3. I'm so glad you finally made it to Gardner Village! Isn't is the cutest little place? I'm glad you guys got to have some fun- you deserve it. :)

  4. Don't worry. It get's better. Eventually you'll both be done with school and Scotty will be working 72 hour work weeks to meet deadlines at work. Then you'll have a kid that will wear you out and take up any free time you did have. Then you'll get pregnant with another... :)