TBT: throwback birthday

it's thursday (or late wednesday night) again, so you know what that means!
the throwback thursday link up with the life of bon.
today's topic is birthdays.
my birthday happens to be on christmas day.
i know, i know.
you're thinking, "that sucks!"
and i'm here to tell you today that yes, it can suck, BUT there are precautions that can be taken to ensure any precious soul who shares a birthday with a holiday can enjoy that special day. you see, i didn't hate my birthday my whole life. in fact, i kind of liked it. i think my parents and friends handled this situation in ways that made me feel special and important, regardless of the fact that billions of people were receiving gifts on that same day. 

here are the top 5 tips on how to NOT make a holiday-born person feel like they're second best: 

1. if you're a gift-giving person, don't clump presents together. "this is for your birthday aaand christmas." no. it's not. i mean, obviously if it's an extravagant gift (one whose excellence exceeds that of two holidays) that is acceptable. but giving an ordinary gift you would give anyone on a birthday... does not count, my friends. don't cut us short. 
2. give the person as much choice as possible. sure, it's a world-wide holiday. but that doesn't mean the birthday girl shouldn't be able to pick the days' activities and menu items. i always felt special picking our christmas dinner. 
3. OR, even better, celebrate on a different day. sometimes we would go out to dinner the friday or saturday before, so i could enjoy all the attention my little heart desired. in fact, my sweet mother-in-law refuses to celebrate my birthday on my actual birthday, and only sends her wishes and gifts on june 25th. i like it. i wish i had started celebrating my half birthday at a young age, but now it's a little too late to switch. everyone knows, and making that transition would be awkward. 
4. don't name them after the holiday. mom, i love you. but having a middle name of "noel" has always been awkward and always lead to the conversation which i will talk about in tip 5. 
5. don't tell them it sucks! don't ask them if they like it! we can't do anything about it, and i have never had any other birthday to compare mine to. so asking me these questions i am not capable of answering is extremely embarrassing and depressing. a typical conversation with anyone who sees my date of birth or middle name goes like this: 

person: oh wow, your birthday's on christmas?!?
me: yep. 
person: ha- that sucks! 
me: ... thanks? 
person: i mean, do you like it? 
me: i dont know, because it's all i've ever lived with. 
person: do you get two sets of presents? 
me: yep.

... and then it dwindles away into nothing. because that's what the conversation essentially is: nothing. so next time you encounter a holiday-birthday sharer, resist the urge to make a comment about it, and act accordingly! i promise you, they'll appreciate it.
christmas and my birthday... they are separate, but equal. 


  1. OK, I love that you wrote this! One of my friends sent me too this post! We just celebrated my 2 year olds half birthday.... and I've always wondered how she is going to feel about being born on Christmas. (Although her middle name is Joy :) thanks for the insight!

    1. oh, it's my pleasure! keep the half-birthdays up, she'll appreciate it later :)

  2. My sisters bday is dec 23 & we are not allowed to wrap her birthday presents in Christmas wrapping paper! Lol!

  3. I'm not sure how I feel about your comments about your middle name. I quite like it. sorry you don't : (

  4. hahaha this was way funny!! And it makes sense now why your middle name is Noel..

  5. I love your middle name being Noel. It's beautiful just like you.