TBT: fourth of july

i've always loved the fourth of july. it's such a happy summer day, full of fun activities. i'll definitely be missing my family's bbq and pool time today. so, to cope with the separation pains, i will reminisce on 1997. what a great year. and what a great time to reflect on for this fourth-of-july-themed throwback thursday! 
july 4, 1997 was a pretty significant day in my life. my family was up in idaho visiting cousins, and we all dressed up to participate in a parade. so fun! we threw candy and waved like princesses. i even looked the part, all dressed up as belle. 
(my cute cousins and my cute belle dress)

there i was, just minding my own business. throwing candy like i was told to. probably pocketing some. i guess the people of idaho liked what they saw, because someone walked away with a shiny trophy! 
"independence day parade -- cutie pie award"
16 years later, and i'm still a little too proud about it!


  1. I love Belle! And your Belle costume was so cute!

  2. Awesome story :)
    Found you thru The Life of Bon!

  3. That's so awesome that you were in a fourth of july parade! I bet you still have that princess wave mastered!

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