cow appreciation day

I'm one of those girls who checks her phone before getting out of bed. I know, I know. I'm a disgrace to the previous generations and I'm sorry. But you know what? Today I have no regrets. Because there I was, scrolling through my facebook feed in the early morning, when I came across this peculiar link. I read. I laughed. All of a sudden, my morning events and priorities were rearranged! I learned today is "Cow Appreciation Day," and anyone who comes to Chick-fil-a dressed as a cow will receive a free combo meal. Challenge accepted. I assembled some ears, noses, and spots (The website has a cow costume starter kit. Pretty awesome). Scotty and I laughed as we headed out the door for some lunch all dressed up. 
We were relieved to see this sign out front! 
Our barnyard get-up.
We weren't the only ones! The place was packed with fellow chicken-lovers.
Some people got pretty into it. 
The food was so worth the embarrassment! 
Maybe my social media addiction isn't such a bad thing after all :) 

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