let freedom ring

we love the fourth of july! we had so much fun celebrating this special holiday together. we woke up and played racquet ball, went running, and cooled down with some swimming! then we canceled out all of our exercising with some lunch and homemade cookies & cream ice cream. 

yum! we spent the afternoon lounging around in our pjs (what's more american than that?), doing homework and watching tv. for dinner, we wished for a traditional fourth of july BBQ, but decided a bbq chicken pizza was the next best thing. i'd say i did a pretty dang good job. 
 after dinner, we grab some sparklers and headed out the door. i've had our special fireworks-watching location planned for weeks. 
 we went to my school at the edge of west jordan, overlooking the whole valley. 
 a perfect spot on the field with an amazing view! 
we played with our sparklers and watched the skyline of colors.
(amazing picture quality, i know. blah.) 
these next two are my favorite from the night. special thanks to the empty gatorade bottle we found on the field and the self-timer app. 
i love him. 
 it was such a beautiful sight. i love our country and the freedoms we have. 
god bless america, my home sweet home! 


  1. happy 4th! I have a canon rebel t3. I love it! It's so handy and easy to use. :)

    1. Oh cool! Can't wait to see more brazil pictures!